Reading Group

The PLAIT Lab Reading Group is a casual meeting that we have once a week, ideally over lunch. We usually either discuss a recently published paper or talk about our own works in progress.

Summer 2021

During this term, we focused on two types of readings we don't usually discuss in the reading group:

  1. Programming Languages Prelim readings from the UC Berkeley list of recommended readings to prepare for the PhD preliminary examination in programming languages
  2. Education readings
DateLeaderReading/ActivityExtra Links
Aug. 17PLAIT Lab UndergradsPresent work
Aug. 3JustinPLP: Programming parallel algorithms
Jul. 27SarahE: Teaching to and through cultural diversity
Jul. 20GabrielE: ChocoPy
Jul. 13RolandoDynamic dependency analysis of ordinary programs
Jul. 6ParkerEngineering the Servo web browser engine using Rust
Jun. 29JustinPLP: Algorithm = Logic + Control
Jun. 22GabrielPLP: Mirrors
Jun. 15SarahE: (1) Increased structure and active learning reduce the achievement gap in introductory biology + (2) Halving fail rates using peer instructionActive learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics
Jun. 8JustinPLP: Hints on programming-language design
Jun. 1Extended Memorial Day weekend
May 25SarahSummer planning

Spring 2021

DateLeaderReading/ActivityExtra Links
May 4RolandoPin
Apr. 27GabrielDebug information validation for optimized code
Apr. 20JustinREPLica
Apr. 13LisaWIP: Brainstorming for MS project
Apr. 6GabrielFeedback-driven semi-supervised synthesis of program transformations
Mar. 30RolandoThe Data Calculator
Mar. 23Spring recess
Mar. 16GabrielEnabling data-driven API design with community usage data
Mar. 9JustinWIP: How statically-typed functional programmers author code
Mar. 2LisaEngineering the software for understanding climate changeVideo presentation
Feb. 23SarahFormalizing visualization design knowledge as constraintsProject page
Feb. 16GabrielWIP: The state of the art in breaking changesHow to break an API
Feb. 9RolandoWIP: Understanding logging in machine learning in practiceSoftware engineering for machine learning
Feb. 2JustinThe role of working memory in program tracing
Jan. 26AllDiscuss lab name, pick readings for semester

Fall 2020

DateLeaderReading/ActivityExtra Links
Dec. 14Happy finals week!
Dec. 7Sarah, LisaIncreasing the transparency of research papers with explorable multiverse analyses
Nov. 30GabrielPutting the semantics into semantic versioning
Nov. 23JackCan advanced type systems be usable?Michael's dissertation
Nov. 16OOPSLA attendance week! :-)
Nov. 9Justinegg
Nov. 2SarahJust-in-time learning for bottom-up enumerative synthesis
Oct. 26GabrielVerifying and improving Halide’s term rewriting system with program synthesis
Oct. 19SarahChat about conference culture, the space of conferences relevant to our work (and what work interests them)
Oct. 12JustinAligning development tools with the way programmers think about code changes
Oct. 5AllReading group planning